Preschool Facility Plan And Child Development Essay

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Child Development Preschool Facility Plan

Objective of this paper is to design a "child development center facility plan" that includes both the indoor and outdoor facilities that will comply with state licensing regulations. The project also reveals the school layout that is able to accommodate 12 infants, 12 toddlers and 48 pre-schoolers. The center will also consist of the following support areas:

Director's office


Laundry room

Staff lounge

Adult Restroom.

The facilities will also provide necessary facilities for the personal children needs that include restrooms and changing tables. The next section discusses the overall layout of the facilities and the measurement of the overall classroom environment.


This section provides facility layouts of the school that include the indoor, outdoor and supporting environment. The lists of footage of each classroom are also discussed in this section. The facility layouts...


The phase II will also consist of additional toddler classroom, storage space, and additional staff support. The square footage of each item of the facility is presented in the table below:

Classroom Areas



2 preschool classrooms,

16 preschoolers and two teachers for each.

1080 sq feet each

2 toddler classrooms for 10 toddlers and two teachers each for the toddlers

650 sq feet each

1 infant room for 8 infants and two teachers.

450 sq feet

Toilet Areas

50 sq feet per classroom

Staff Areas

2 offices [Director & Assistant Director]

100 sq feet each

Conference / Workroom

150 sq feet

Staff personal / Break room of item storage

150 sq feet

Activity Areas

Indoor Activity Area [Art, Music, Gross Motor]

2700 square ft

Outdoor Play Area for [75 square feet per child for up to 36 children]

2700 square ft

Support Spaces


150 square feet


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