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The founder will purchase the facility, rather than rent it and will pay up to 85,000 for down payment. The costs total up to $587,980 and the expected income is of $705,600, revealing a net profit of $117,620 after the first year of operations. Part of the investment will come from the economies of the founder, the rest remaining to be gathered from bank loans. Contracting bank loans is the most suitable solution at this time as issuing stocks would require additional expenses. Foremost, there would be no guarantee the sum would be raised and the shareholders would get to become involved in the organization's activities. Also, the dividends granted to shareholders are seen as profits and as such taxed by the federal budget; credits on the other hand are seen as debt and are not taxed. As such, even if contracting bank loans does have some limitations, at the time given, it represents the most suitable course of action. The founder would also discuss with local corporations and try to get sponsorship contracts; he would also bring the matter in front on the state officials, which could offer subsidies to encourage preschool education and try to resolve as such the day care crisis in New York.

Section 4: Functioning Regulations

At the basis of a proper functioning of the cay care center sit several rules and regulations, organized under the code of conduct for the staff members and the enrolment regulations for the children. These could be succinctly presented as follows:

Internal code of conduct all children will be treated equally the staff members will always be patient and polite to the children and will never get angry and lash out at the children creativity will be encouraged at all times and watching television is forbidden reading and other personal activities are prohibited throughout the program carers have to be at work at 8:00 A.M. As the children arrive at 8:30 A.M.; they leave at 5:30 P.M. And the carers can leave at 6 p.m.

A children will have a nap time between 12 a.m. And 2 p.m., during which time the day care workers will gather the toys, clean the tables and prepare the facility for the second part of the daily activities if a child psychiatrist is to be hired, the staff will constantly communicate with him the workers will develop a weekly report on the children and will communicate it to the parents

Regulations for the children all enrolling children will present the birth certificate and a brief curriculum of other educational facilities they have attended, if any parents will also be asked to complete a form, asking them of matters related to the children and the day care center personal matters will refer to the religion of the child, any sicknesses or allergies, troubles in adjusting, or previous socializing practices; all these will have the purpose of gathering information as to best treat the child, rather than pry in the private lives of families; all data will be classified and undisclosed to tertiary parties matters related to the day care refer to the expectations of the parents, the capabilities and means used to satisfying these expectations, or the clear establishment of the payment date and method children will have to be kind to one another and disobedience and bad behavior will be reported to the parents; three negative reports will lead to a suspension and five negative reports will lead to expulsion if such a need arises and parents wish for it, the day care could hire a child psychiatrist to handle more delicate matters, such as the divorce of the parents, the loss of a dear one, adaptation issues and so on the regulation codes will also contain clear specifications on the repercussions to parents, children and employees if they fail to meet the rules.

Section 5: Evaluation final part, but an ongoing one and highly useful for the continued sustained development of the day care, is that of evaluating the performances. Evaluations will be mostly focused onto three primary concerns: staff, curriculum and health.

The evaluation...


Prior to actually hiring a worker, he or she will be subjected to several tests, including personality, aptitudes or knowledge. The evaluation will also have the purpose of renegotiating the wage of the employee, but the primary scope will be to analyze how the actions and skills of the worker affect the children. An evaluation part will include organizing fun questionnaires to be handed in to the children. This will teach them early on to be fair, objective and honest. Questionnaires will also be given to parents and the rest of the workers. The employee will be evaluated based on the responses.

Another way to evaluate the employee is that of asking him several questions about the children he or she cares for. After the first six months, they should be able to respond to questions relating to any allergies of the children, adjusting issues or any other matters. Given that an employee fails to respond favourably to the posed questions, it could be concluded that he or she does not know well enough the children and is therefore unsuited to care for them.

The curriculum must also be evaluated. This requirement is far more important as it has a great impact on the child and on the ultimate satisfaction of the parent and its consequent decision to still bring the child to the day care or terminate the contract with the center. First of all, the curriculum must be developed separately for the toddlers and separately for the preschoolers. As a result, they will be evaluated separately.

A toddler has to be subjected to various easy activities, which take reduced time and have the capacity to attract his attention. The average duration of an activity should be of 10 minutes and it should be in groups rather than separately (Pamm's House, 2001). This time allows for the toddlers to influence each other and become attracted to the activity without getting bored. Also, since the activity is easy and short, the carer can interrupt it at any time to care for a toddler needing assistance. The evaluators must also be aware of the instruments used in the activities as these cannot be potentially harmful for the children. Parents will also be interviewed to see how they feel their child has responded to the day care and what other complaints or expectations might they have. The preschoolers have different preoccupations and needs, and therefore evaluating their curriculum will be done following other criteria. The actual knowledge of the children will be tested as to see how the day care activities have helped prepare them for the following levels of education. Parents will also participate to the evaluations.

Finally, in terms of health related concerns, the state officials will periodically send inspectors to analyze the sanitary conditions within the day care. Based on their findings, the day care center will adjust to the new requirements. Aside from this however, the day care will be run based on common sense and a desire for hygiene at all times. The children will sleep in clean beds, will play on clean carpets and will eat in extremely clean conditions. Aside from hygiene, another important health related issue is that of the food offered. Parents will be able to verify the menu for the following week and approve it or request changes. The primary specification however is that no fast food product will be served. All aliments will be healthy and will entirely exclude fast food products, excessive sweets and carbonated soft drinks.

All in all, the new day care center stands increased chances of success as the contemporaneous society reveals increased needs for newer and better specialized day care centers. However, to make a real difference, the day care has to continually adapt to the changing and emerging needs of the communities, the children and the parents.


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