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¶ … Student Learning Language Barriers & Issues

ESL Students

Other cultures/languages iii. Issues specific to a given area/school

Slang/Improper Speech


Improper terms used

Classroom Decorum (or lack thereof)

Disrespectful/disorderly students

Gossiping/Cliquish behavior iii. Lack of Attentiveness

Students not staying on task

Sexual talk/banter/jokes


Mental intimidation

Insults b. Physical violence/injury


Groups cornering single victim


Social media

Text messages iii. Teasing/Taunting by Groups

Poorly Trained and/or Behaved Teachers

Use of unlicensed teachers

Teachers not adhering to curriculum

c. Teachers injecting personal/political/religious views

Overall inexperience of young teachers

Race/Cultural Issues

a. Racial minorities tend to be poorer

b. Racial minorities more likely to be in single parent household

c. Racial minorities more likely to be discriminated against

d. Racial minorities often perform more poorly on tests

e. Accusations of institutional bias against minorities in general

f. Racist/stereotyping behavior by students

g. Segregated schools/neighborhoods

VI. Student Pacing

a. Students able to push faster but being held back

b. Students being pushed but falling behind

c. Special education/learning disability situations

VII. Cost Constraints

a. Property tax shortfalls

i. Home values/tax base ailing

ii. Residents fleeing area (e.g. Detroit)

iii. Economic recession influence

b. Federal/State grants/funding

i. Budget cuts at state/federal level

ii. Always worse during recessions iii. Conflicting political priorities

c. Economic Pressures/Recessions

i. Can lead to property tax/funding issues above

ii. Stressor to families and the kids iii. Can lead to cuts at school

VIII. External Distractions

a. Gang/Criminal Activity

i. Violence/crime near school



Troubled Family Unit
c. Economic/Political Issues

d. Social Unrest (e.g. Ferguson, Baltimore, etc.)

e. Mental health concerns (student or parent)

IX. Conclusion

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