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Professional Organizations

There are many things that I would look to obtain from a professional organization in the field of health care that disseminates certifications for clinical research. One of the most valuable of these is a network of like-minded professionals who can help to guide me in virtually all of the stages of my career. Anytime one has become a part of a professional organization (especially one that issues certification credentials), one has immediate access to that most useful of resources -- people. Whether attempting to obtain help in actually earning a credential in the area of clinical research, or to network for additional career opportunities and sources that may be of aid in conducting clinical research, such an organization is invaluable because of the knowledge of the professionals that populate it. In many instances they are willing to share their insight and to help others in order to further their own professional network.

Another thing I would be looking to gain from enrolling in such an organization is a trustworthy means to further my own education...


Earning a certification form such an entity enables the recipient to access the latest knowledge related to the field in which they are pursuing certification (SOCRA, 2014). Oftentimes, such organizations allow those who are attempting to earn a certification to utilize tools to help them prepare for the requisite test. Sometimes, such tools involve classes or modules that may be accessed online; other times they involve practice examinations. In nearly all cases, however, the student can rest assured that he or she will be well qualified to engage in various professional activities that are based on his or her certificate. In the case of a credential in the area of clinical research, the student will know that by earning the certificate, he or she is well equipped to conduct clinical research in the field without any further qualifications.

I would also look to some of these organizations to provide career assistance, which is of particular use for someone at the outset of their career. Many of these entities have career development centers; the crux of these centers is on locating job opportunities. They are so valuable in this respect because of the way they codify opportunities, which is typically according to specialization and location. Moreover, such organizations usually have a vast pool of employers to obtain job information from.…

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