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I believe I have learned many things in class that will help make me more effective and successful in my personal life. Perhaps the most evident thing I have learned is how to determine my own conscious motivators and recognize how my unconscious beliefs and morals may impact my attitudes, beliefs and behaviors. This falls more into the realm of social psychology. I have learned exactly how critical environment can be to ones success or distress.

With regard to my profession, I believe that I can use psychology in many ways. Psychology is an important tool for employees and managers alike. When used correctly it can help foster a collaborative and open work environment that encourages individual thinking, behavior, and goal setting. It can also be used to mitigate and problem solve. Psychology can also be used to address more difficult aspects of the workplace environment.

A learned for example how impacting stress can be on one's emotional state and subsequent behaviors. In a work environment one may acknowledge that some jobs are more stressful than others. The more stressful the job environment the more likely an employee to suffer the deleterious effects of stress, which can include anxiety, depression and other physical ailments. Psychology can help managers and employees be more in tune to the stressors they face so they learn coping mechanisms and methods for alleviating their stress.

Psychology can also be used to facilitate a collaborative working environment where employees feel free to express their idea, emotions and motivations. Psychology helps explain complex interactions, and provides a framework of reference for individuals working on a one on one and in a group environment. The field provides several paradigms for analyzing common problems and conflicts that occur on the personal level and at the work level, so that teams can work more cohesively and more effectively.

Psychology can also lead people into a particular career field. Psychologists can use a battery of tests to assess an individual's unique skills and abilities and unique personality traits. If a person is unhappy on the job, it could be because they are not in a job that matches their own unique personal skills, abilities and traits. Psychology can be used in a positive way to help employees identify their strong points to ensure that they are working in a position that is capitalizing on their strengths rather than weaknesses.

If anything I feel that this is an area of psychology I would like to explore in more detail. I am interested in learning how psychology can assess my unique skills, personality and motivators in order to assure that I excel in my chosen field, and to confirm that I have chosen a field that I can excel in.

A also feel that I have more to learn about how one's emotions and behaviors may be impacted from earlier experiences (such as those in childhood) whether traumatic or otherwise. I feel that understanding the complex 'whole' of one's personality and behavior patterns might help me to better understand my own personality and behaviors, and better understand where others are coming from in a work or personal level. Now that I have begun my exploration of psychology, I would like to continue to explore it in more detail.

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