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Psychology and Environmental Preservation:

Environmental Psychology and Preservation:

Environmental psychology is a field in psychology that deals with the analysis of interactions and the relations between human populations and their environments. This field is sometimes referred to as ecological psychology, environmental sociology, social ecology, ecopsychology, and environmental social sciences. The conventional emphasis of the environmental psychology has been the emphasis on how the physical environmental influences the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of individuals. On the other hand, recent studies in the field of environmental research have begun to focus on how various human actions impact the environment. This has contributed to the increased evaluation of the natural and man-made ecological issues of the relationship of people to their environment. The analyses have adopted a crucial significance to people's quality of life and the survival capacity of human beings. As the focus of recent researches in the field of environmental psychology
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focuses on the impact of human actions on the environment, it's mainly guided by how humans perceive the natural world (Neil, 2010). These perceptions determine whether people are involved in environmental preservation since the conservation of the environment is dependent on whether they are egocentric. The conservation of nature and the environment requires individuals to be less egocentric and more logical so that they can understand the concept of preservation. When human beings preserve their own perceptions of the environment, they may not be necessarily involved in the preservation of the environment. However, the preservation of the perceptions of nature plays an integral part in environmental conservation. The relationship between psychology and environmental psychology has been further explained through the emerging field of conservation psychology.

Conservation Psychology:

Conservation has mainly been used as a significant scientific and historical word with rich meaning. The conventional meaning of the term has been the protection, enhancement, and broad use of the existing…

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