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" Deborah learns from her fellow inmates on the ward and reacts to their vicissitudes as if they were her own. Basically she internalizes and analyzes everything in a warped way. The author presents the psychosis of schizophrenia not from a clinical perspective but from a subjective one.

Deborah's sister Suzy reacts negatively to the extra attention her sick sister receives. Adding tension to the family dynamic, Suzy is a key character in I Never Promised You a Rose Garden. Family tension and the dynamic between parents and children are a part of the illness. The parents do whatever is in their power to help Deborah but at the same time they feel a deep sense of shame and frequently blame themselves for what they perceive as personal failure. Greenberg shows how parents of mentally ill children might fall into the unfortunate trap of self-hatred.

Dr. Fried helps Deborah explore the root causes of her illness by gradually leading Deborah toward frank examinations of her childhood memories. The traumatic past unearths uncomfortable issues that Deborah continues to cloak by fleeing to Yr. Yet Dr. Fried is patient with Deborah. She encourages her to confront her feelings about persecution, style='color:#000;text-decoration: underline!important;' target='_blank' href='' rel="follow">abuse, and fears of abandonment. One of the strengths of Greenberg's work is how she shows schizophrenia to be a wave-like illness in which psychotic episodes are not constantly occurring. Rather, patients might go long periods of time without a severe outbreak and relatively well-grounded in reality. Then an external event will trigger a memory that leads to a psychotic episode.

Moreover, the author explores the stigma of mental illness and especially schizophrenia. Not only is Deborah stigmatized by her family and peers but even by the medical staff that is supposed to support her healing process. Greenberg's treatment of the disease is therefore thorough. The author explores many facets of the struggle including social stigma, family tension, and of course, the internal battle to become and remain heathy. When Greenberg wrote I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, schizophrenia was even less understood than it is now but the author manages to show that the problem requires long-term treatment. Even with advancements in medications, the illness does not disappear overnight. It takes Deborah Blau three years to even come close to grounding herself in reality. Ultimately, Greenberg shows that individuals suffering from schizophrenia can emerge from their internal worlds. Deborah earned her high school equivalency degree and thus the novel ends on a hopeful…

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