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He held the view that it is not the parts that explain the meaning and importance of the whole, but the whole that explains the meaning and importance of the parts. This view is same as Jung's view on the totality of the psyche. Jung and Freud differ in the concept of reality. While Jung says that the reality of psyche is the only real; however, Freud says that there is a real external world called truth. Jung's method is to help the client to reach depths of his own psyche by means of his dreams, fantasies and imaginations. Once the depths are reached, the client will cure his problem by himself by the contact with the unconscious. Then, the role of a guide or psychotherapist is not at all required. (Kohut and Jung: A comparison of Theory and Therapy) To conclude, it is better to understand the state of affairs of the client before suggesting a therapy technique. The revelations of Unconscious and the Self of the client will assist the therapist to evaluate the personality of the client. Then, the therapist can determine among the psychological problems that the client is facing, which is the major problem that needs immediate treatment. To do this, the therapist can either follow interaction method or can use movies that portray psychological problems faced by individuals. These movies should be like Case studies of different patients with different root causes like childhood problems, erratic thought patterns, etc. By proper explanation, the movies should show the patient getting cured. When the client sees the movie, the therapist can watch the reactions of the client for various movies. Those movies for which the client expresses strong reactions can be noted down. Most probably, the client is experiencing the problem showed in those movies. The exact nature of problem...


Once the root cause is found out, the proper therapy that suits the patient most appropriately can be employed to cure the patient. It may so happen that the client may require either a psychodynamic therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy. In that case, these standard techniques can be employed. If the problem is complicated, the therapy may involve more than one technique like a combination of understanding the childhood problems, thought patterns and the client's present analysis of himself.

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