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Outbreak at Watersedge: A Public Health Discovery Game

The start of the participation in the epidemiological process begins with the location of the Department of Health. The sole reason for this is to get the necessary personnel and resources which are very essential in doing an effective epidemiology process. The department is endowed with experienced medical officers like the chief epidemiologist who has a wide ranging experience in water borne diseases.

At the Department of health, together with the available health personnel I got various medical profiles of different patients handed over to me. The profile contained medical status of the patients over the last few days after they were put under observation on suspicion that they were suffering from water borne disease. Diarrhea was one of the severe symptoms. I also noted that many other patients were getting admitted to the hospital at an alarming rate. This could signify that the disease was spreading fast.

After taking such notes, I set out to interview some of the infected patients with the view to get an idea of how they could have contracted this infection. I focused on key issues such as the most recent places the patients visited and the activities they got involved in. this would inform the mapping of areas suspected to contain the bacteria spreading the disease. Only places which were mentioned repeatedly by the patients would be mapped and studied by taking samples and carrying out a diagnosis.

The patients mentioned a number of places which included the zoo, malls, recreation centers but one location that was repeatedly mentioned was the Thomson Park. The park was mentioned by the highest number of patients being 5. This formed the basis for the first spot to explore in order to collect sample for testing.

I set out to the park to find out what important information and samples I could gather for diagnosis. At the Park I met Mai, who was also at the place to do sampling and testing of the lake water. The exercise was narrowed down to investigating zoonotic diseases which can be transmitted from animals to human and vice versa (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 2014). Among the thing examined at the place was the fountain, trash can, coffee cup which was already used and dropped out of the dustbin, picnic tables where visitors sat and could have had contact with the bacteria from. I went further to examine the grill which looked clean. I noted down every detail observed from these points to help me spot any irregular features or observations.

The fountain is one of the drinking points hence it could be holding the bacteria. I took its samples for the laboratory test. The trash can and the coffee cup looked dirty and is a suspect to be the breeding place of these bacteria. These kind of samples could not be enough to diagnose the disease and I had to interview more patients to know what activities they involved themselves in whole at the park. Despite the patients mentioning many activities at the Park, the concession stand stood out of all of them. Arguably, all patients had…

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