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Puma Company Background

Puma is known as the major German international corporation that designs and creates casual footwear that is athletic for all ages. They also create tons of clothes for both men and women. The corporation is stationed in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. The business was established in 1924 by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. The affiliation among the two brothers failed at one point and time while doing business together. This ended when the two made the decision to split in 1948, creating two separate units, Puma and Adidas. Each of the enterprises are presently centered in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

The most normally created Puma brands are Puma shoes, which are athletic in design. This is because due to the fact that the first puma's products were shoes. For more details, Puma first football sneaker was produced in 1948 and it was worn in the first football match after the war by the Herbert Burdenski; the scorer who scored the first goal after the war (Puma, 2016). The company is able to managed 40% of Puma incomes from footwear. This makes it the most marketing Puma merchandise in the world (Puma, 2013). Puma is known for holding various kinds of sneakers. They create them for many types of sports for instance, running shoes, cricket shoes and football shoes. Some of the geographic place that Puma has marketed in are Australia, Singapore, Puerto Rico Cuba and Columbia.

Country and Market...


Puma has become one of Germany's major creator of athletic shoes. Puma is a public limited business, which is registered in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Ataman, 2003). In Germany alone, it employs over 9,000 individuals and deals out its shoes in beyond 120 nations all over the world, producing above $2.5 million in income every year. In Germany, actually, Puma as a brand which is dedicated to provide to the sports world by supporting sustainability, creativity and peace. Plus, staying true to its ethics has made the corporation a national force. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason why the company has recorded such an enormous achievement in Germany. Its excellent marketing strategy has seen to it that it continues to be a global leader in athletic shoe making. Separately from shoes it has also forayed into developing of sports gear, wristwatches and other fixtures. In Germany, part of the marketing involves sportsmen, plus men and women who like athletic active attire with a spray of uniqueness in their clothing. The company also markets to urban young upper middle class and aristocratic Men and Women in Germany. Puma is a global product with originality, energy and style in their attire at a very reasonable worth.

Puma has utilized expertise in design knowledge with key competencies in all areas of marketing and design. For instance, with the purchasing of Puma by PPR group, it has allowed puma to use PPR as bigger base design team. The strategy behind this is to produces high quality of desirable brands that will be attractive to the clients. In the end, this information and expertise makes puma a force to be reckon with while at the same time, setting itself apart from its main opponents. Puma has been able to meet the needs…

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