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Regional Characteristics of Texas

Among the fifty states which comprise the American Union as it stands today, it is perhaps Texas which has experienced the most tumultuous transition from unsettled frontier to the home of modern metropolises. While most neighboring states cling fiercely to identities forged during the Revolution, or even the Civil War, the state of Texas proudly proclaims its own superiority by flying six flags over its skies; honoring its history as a land coveted for five centuries by competing imperial interests, and for a brief period following the revolt of 1835, as its own sovereign union. As one of the largest American states in terms of landmass, Texas is also defined internally by four distinct geographical regions, the Gulf Coastal Plains, the North Central Plains, the Great Plains, and the Trans-Pecos (or Big Bend Country). These areas are in some cases hundreds of miles apart, and each region contains its own unique blend of social, economic, and demographical characteristics, including localized dialects, political systems and ethnic distributions. By analyzing the gradual societal shifts which have occurred throughout each of Texas' four regions, it is possible to discern the state's overall progression from the sparsely inhabited wilderness of the Old West to the urban complexities of the Metroplex.

The first region of Texas to experience European exploration was the Gulf Coastal Plains, when Spanish conquistadors...


While the Spanish eventually forfeited their claim over Texas, becoming just one of the state's famous six flags, their influence remains today in the ethnic makeup of the area, which is home to millions of people who hail from Spanish descent. In the nearly five centuries since first contact was made, the Gulf Coastal Plains have undergone extreme changes to their natural environment and ecology, mostly resulting from the discovery of massive oil fields in the area. After oil was struck within Texas' borders, the state and its fragile Gulf Coastal region were invaded yet again, this time by petroleum conglomerates and oilmen, and indeed today "along the Gulf coast from Port Arthur, Texas to the Houston Ship Channel, stands the largest concentration of petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants in the world" (Pratt, 1978). The resulting influx of foreign funding,…

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