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With his SCI, Mike clearly has functional limitations that he cannot overcome. These can be frustrating, but there is a lot of equipment that can help Mike with the things that he needs to do. Unfortunately, the motorized wheelchair will not fit in his parents' home, but there is often assistance available for these types of issues. Helping the parents find and afford a larger and better-equipped place, or simply helping them to find money to do things like widen doorways can go a long way toward Mike's mobility. There are many companies who can help with this type of assistance. Initially, however, Mike needs to be able to do simple things like eat and use the bathroom. One of the ways that he can move toward being able to do some of these things is through building up strength. There are many devices today that he...


Currently he gets help with these things, but new and better technology would allow him to do that by himself.

Installing a lift sling in his parents' home would also allow him to go into the shower by himself and wash, and would give him a little more privacy, although he will probably still need help for some time until his range of motion and strength improve. It would also prevent his parents from having to carry him if there is a place in the house where his wheelchair will not fit. Trying to improve his fine motor skills is something that Mike may never succeed at, but that does not mean that there are not a lot of different things he could still do. Once he decides through counseling on which career path he would like to take, it will be easier to determine what kinds of equipment and techniques might be the best for him to use. Then he can work toward a specific goal instead of only utilizing what might be recommended by others. An overall program is important, but so is paying attention to what Mike expresses as his needs.

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