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The value of discipleship stresses the cohesion between the events of the past and the present, a fundamental tenant of psychotherapy. Discipleship also implies a mediation between God and his agents on earth, and the therapist always functions as a mediator between God's grace and earth. Community is also an important tenant of modern therapy, namely that no psychologically healthy human being is a spiritual and social island. Everyone needs social resources to fall back on, such as the church and the family. In particular for Christian counselors, the family often comes to the forefront as part of the patient's community as well as the church community. And apocalypticism focuses on the future and the patient's hopes and plans, over the course of the inner and outer changes weathered during the counseling relationship.

These four important challenges or concepts offered by the book for effective Christian counseling thus form a community-based, future oriented philosophy that still takes into consideration the individual's past experiences and the past experiences of the community through the concept of discipleship. The book orients one to the task of constructing biblical theory of counseling by stressing the cohesion of the four core moral philosophies of the New Testament with the ideals of psychotherapy today. Therapists today stress the need for having a social network, to come to terms with the past with an eye upon the future, and to not lose faith in one's ability to change. Thus, this book should be valued as a resource available for the care of souls and healing of persons in its creation of a cohesive relationship between Biblical and psychoanalytic…

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