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I agreed with Paul's perspective that the resurrection of Jesus is spiritual and cannot be fully understood by the human mind. I also believe that following death, Christians will not experience a physical rebirth, but expect to live an immortal, spiritual life in heaven. Paul's perspective encourages rebirth as a spiritual phenomenon. I think this belief closely ties with the second view of the resurrection, which is the resurrection occurred only in the imagination or faith of those closest to Jesus. Paul believes the resurrection of Jesus is spiritual, and liberates Christians from death by promising an immortal life in the likeness of Jesus. I feel there is a strong psychological element to this belief that can be explained as faith and the hope for death to not be the end of existence. Paul's point-of-view explains death is not an ending, but the beginning of immortal life. I agree with Paul's point-of-view because it seems more reasonable (versus a physical rebirth), however there is a psychological influence that is having the faith death will bring a heavenly, immortal life.

The variations of the Christian faith portray the promise of eternal life following death. The resurrection of Jesus is commonly viewed as the promise, and proof, of life after death. According to the apostle Paul, the resurrection of Jesus was not physiological, but spiritual and beyond human understanding. The resurrection of Jesus marks liberation from death for Christians as death is no longer an ending, it is the beginning of immortal life in the kingdom of God. My point-of-view on what Paul says is in agreement to a point, as I agree the resurrection of Jesus was not physical and exceeds human comprehension. I feel there is also a strong psychological reason for this perspective in order to have the faith to believe immortal life follows death. Although the perspectives on the resurrection of Jesus vary, there is a shared Christian belief regarding promise of heavenly, eternal life as a consequence of Jesus' bodily sacrifice.

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Elinor Oettinger was born on September 8, 1929 in Amsterdam, Holland. She was the daughter of Herbert and Betty, and older sister to Ralf Oettinger. The Oettinger family lived comfortably in Amsterdam until the Germans occupied Holland...


The German presence forced anti-Semitic practices as Jews were banned from most professions and public schools. Elinor attended a private Jewish school, was forced to wear the yellow star, and could not longer play with her non-Jewish friends. In 1942, the Germans conducted a door-to-door raid arresting Jews. Elinor and her family were arrested and forced to live in the sealed-off ghetto in Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia. Men, women, and children were forced to live in separate, overpopulated barracks, with poor (if any) heat and sanitation. There were also food shortages and disease infested rodents in the ghetto. Elinor and her family lived in the ghetto for almost two years. In September 1944, Elinor's father was sent on a transport to the Auschwitz death camp, and two weeks later Elinor, her mother, and brother were also sent to Auschwitz. Upon their arrival at Auschwitz, they were all immediately sent to the gas chambers.

It is important to study and remember the lives of children from the Holocaust to remind ourselves of the magnitude of evil that has existed in the last seventy years of human history. The children of the Holocaust represent the most innocent of lives that were lost to the Nazi agenda. It did not matter if the child was only months old, a teenager, a boy, or a girl, the evil of the Nazi party did not discriminate. To put simply, history repeats itself. If we try to forget the history of the Holocaust, or fail to remind ourselves of its history, the human population is at risk of seeing a similar atrocity happen again. Studying and remembering the children of the Holocaust reminds us of the capacity humans can cause harm to other humans. It reminds us of the power of human influence, propaganda, and bigotry. We honor the lives of these children by…

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