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resistance of the planctomycetes organisms to the various antibiotics using the in vitro method. The aim was to establish the susceptibility of these six selected organisms; Planctomyces maris, Planctomyces brasiliensis, Blastopirellula marina, Planctomyces limnophilus, Gemmata obscuriglobus and Rhodopirellula baltica as reference points by exposing them to 18 antibiotics which overall represented eleven antibiotics families. The methods that were used in the in vitro approach were strain and culture and antimicrobial susceptibility testing.

It was found out that Planctomycetes were resistant to b-lactams and glycopeptides and further it was established that most Planctomycetes organisms were resistant to chloramphenicol and to the aminoglycoside gentamicin. The article also indicates that in as much as the Planctomycetes organisms are naturally resistant to some antibiotic families, there were observed large differences in the resistance profiles among genera and species.

Assessment of drugs resistance

One of the clearest and most reliable assessment that one can make on the possibility of the drug resistant infection is the presence, survival and growth of the microbes in the presence of a drug that normally kills or inhibits their growth (MedicineNet Inc., 2014). The resistance to antibiotics happen when the microbes in question or bacteria change in such a way that reduces or altogether eliminate the hitherto effectiveness of the chemicals, drugs or agents that were designed for the treatment or cure of or prevention of that specific infection. In this case, the bacteria are observed to live on and in the process continue the multiplication process hence causing more harm (CDC., 2013).

The drug resistance is caused by various factors…

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