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Rhetorical analysis essay titles should provide the reader with a full sense of the subject that will be explored in the paper.  The title does not have to reveal everything, but it should at least tell what the essay will be about.  Titles that are ambiguous or vague or intentionally mysterious should be avoided.  The best approach to writing a title for this kind of paper is to be direct.  See the titles below for some examples.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Titles

1. Shermer’s Assumptions:  How the Skeptic Fails to Make a Case by Neglecting to Evaluate His Own Presuppositions

2. How Fulton Sheen Combined Ethos, Pathos and Bathos in His Work to Win Converts

3. The Rhetoric of the Left:  How the Use of Politically Correct Discourse Discourages Debate

4. The Rhetoric of the Right:  How the Appeal to American Exceptionalism Constructive Self-Analysis

5. Melville’s Letters to Hawthorne:  The Rhetoric of Friendship and Faith

6. The Poor Use of Analogy in Judith Jarvis Thomson’s Defense of Abortion

7. Rhetorical Abuses in the Documents of the Second Vatican Council

8. Aristotle on Rhetoric and What Lessons the Ancient Philosopher Could Teach Us for Today

9. Workplace Rhetoric and the Rules for Engagement:  A Case Study in How to Avoid Ruffling Feathers

10. “What You Do”:  The Rhetoric of Living, Living, and Partly Living in the Films of the Coen Brothers

11. The Rhetoric of Violence in Hip Hop and Cinema:  Deconstructing Signs of Voyeuristic Masculinity

12. The Tragic Rhetoric of Shakespeare in Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet and King Lear

13. The Vivid Use of Memes and Acronyms in Texting and Social Media Rhetoric

14. Commercialization of the Image and the Word:  Sly Uses of Rhetoric in Marketing and Advertisement

15. Creating an Enemy in Modern Political Discourse:  The Rhetoric of Government under Stalin’s Soviet Union, Chairman Mao’s China, the Third Reich’s Germany, and the Trump Administration’s USA

16. The Symbols of Toxic Masculinity:  How PC Perspectives Have Created New Gender Norms for the Upcoming…

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…Drumbeats of War

23. The Myth of the Great War:  How American Media Used Nationalistic Rhetoric to Promote and Justify a Century of Expansionism

24. Why It’s All Fake News:  Rhetorical Analysis of News Media in the 21st Century

25. The Rhetorical Red Herring of Fact Checking and Blue Checks in Social Media


Rhetorical analysis essay titles are best when they communicate the essence of the topic of the paper to the reader.  At the very least, they should express the parameters of the essay’s subject.  If the essay is about a work of literature, the title should give a sense of what specific issues in rhetoric the paper will be focusing on.  The title is the best place to clarify upfront what the essay will look at, so the reader is not in the dark.  The more explicit the title, the better it will be.  The author should take care to be direct, clear, unambiguous and precise when creating a sufficient essay title for rhetorical analysis…

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