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Right to Vote

Today there are still a few countries in the world that deny women's right to vote or condition it based on education grounds, like Lebanon or age, like the United Arab Emirates, but in the vast majority of the countries women have earned the same right to vote as men have.

have certainly come a long way since 1920, when women gained the right to vote nationwide according to the nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Although active in the equal suffrage movement, African-American Women would still have to fight to be able to use their constitutional right to vote and the Southern states were the last to give up on African-American civil rights and thus on Africaan American women's right to vote. Yet, on November 16, 2009, the American people had the chance to listen to Sarah Pallin, the ex-candidate for the U.S. vice-presidency from the Republican Party in 2008 and former governor of Alaska answering for a thousandth time the same question: If you had become vice-president in 2008, how would you have managed to be a mother of five, a wife and number two in our government? The very fact that questions form this category are still asked to women who candidate today in one of the most exemplary democracies in the world show that women may have gained the right to vote, but they still have to find the right to express themselves as free and unrestraint as their male counterparts. Gender stereotypes are as dangerous as are extremists on the other side of the barricade: the feminist movement.

The world exporter of revolutions, France, gave birth to a movement favoring women's suffrage. The Enlightenment created the proper conditions for women to find better ways of making their voices heard in society. Although, ironically, women never directly acceded to power in the French royal courts, the Enlightenment a movement that promoted values such as reason, humanity, liberty and tolerance offered women new unexpected perspectives and eighteen century in France was a "good time to be a woman" (McMillan, 2000, p. 3). Women of the French aristocracy who were intelligent and highly connected were able to make a name for their own, but they were also intensifying the voices that argued against this new type of a woman and militating for the traditional...


In the overwhelming majority of the countries, women's suffrage is a matter of the past and women are now deciding who they want their contry to be led by just as men.

The questions that immediately arise from the topic related to women's suffrage are: why have women waited for so long until they finally started to ask for the right to vote? And of equal importance: are women easier manipulated into voting a certain party then men?

Modern science has offered women several ways to become free and to affirm themselves as they wished in a society that was no longer asking them to resume to the role of children care taker and household administrator. Birth control, the two world wars that offered them the possibility to work along men, even if after the wars they would return in to their three K: Kueche, Kinder, Kirche -- kitchen, children, church (as the Nazis preached a good Hausfrau and devoted wife should).

The implication of men in a movement of liberation and women's suffrage is also equally important to take under the scrutiny of psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists alike. In England, in 1907, at the initiative of a few writers and others who followed their example men have organized into a league: Men's…

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