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Robert McCollough: Experiences from the past, pedagog for the future.

An onlooker into the courses taught by this professor would be surprised and little confused as to Robert McCollough's style. Robert strives to know each of his students individually, to the point that he can refer to them with nicknames and hash out class discussions in an almost informal manner. Students admire his candor and passion for knowledge, and are drawn to his courses. Somehow it is this magnetism that results in the ultimate success of his students, and with a class average of 4.0 it is no mystery that Robert McCollough is a student and university favorite.

A Lifetime Legacy

Robert McCollough was a first generation American, born into a Scottish family. His father was an air force pilot and part of an elite team known as the Flying Tigers. His father's work resulted in Robert moving to Japan with his father and mother when he was less than one-year-old. His family remained in Japan for 16 years, resulting in...


In fact, as a boy he was expected to teach his Japanese peers English through tutoring sessions. So even at an early age, he was using his knowledge to teach and help those around him.

Robert attended University in Southern Japan where he studied marine biology. Immediately upon graduation, Robert decided to follow in his father's footsteps and joined the American air force to fight in Vietnam. Robert gained a high rank very quickly in the air force and soon began forming relationships with many high-ranking officers, one of whom became the president of Vietnam.

Tired after fighting the bitter war, Robert moved to England and studied Anglo Saxon literature at Oxford University, where he met and studied under the famous author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, the author of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It was this encounter that restored Robert's faith in humanity and refreshed his weary war-torn soul. It was at this new season of his life that he decided to rejoin the air force and remain on active duty, the result of which was a high-ranking office and unlimited world travel. In fact, Robert has spent time in Japan, Germany, Italy, Isreal, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Spain, and Russia. During these visits he worked with many military officials and sought ways to bring peace and unity to the nations.

Once he retired from his long stay in the air force, he became a professor at University of Toledo, where he…

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