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role Americans Disabilities Act 1990 plays hiring evaluation process police officers. 3. The ethical conflicts unique police psychologists.

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Abelardo Morell At the Window: The Photographer's View

The Cuban-born photographer Abelardo Morell is best known for his photographic work using the technique known as camera obscura. This technique actually pre-dates contemporary photography and was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as well as Leonardo. Camera obscura involves the use of "light passing through a pinhole into a dark room" which will "project and transpose an image of whatever lies outside" (Di Pero 2013). Morell has adapted this technique to cotemporary photography. He dates his fascination with the method to the birth of his son, in after which he became inspired to look at the world with the eyes of a child and desired to take a more domestic view of life. "I started making photographs as if I were a child myself. This strategy got me to look at things around me more closely, more slowly, and from vantage points I hadn't considered before" ("Getty exhibition explores the fantastic visual world of photographer Abelardo Morell," Art Daily, 2012 ). In his own version of camera obscura, Morrell "placed an illuminated light bulb outside a box mounted with a lens: an image of the bulb appeared inside the box" (Di Pero 2013). The intention is to create a sense of discovery, of looking at the everyday and even the extraordinary through a new lens.

This notion of 'looking' and transposition of images is at the heart of the exhibit The Window: The Photographer's View. For example, in one of his series entitled 'four seasons,' images of New York such as Central Park and Manhattan Bridge are seen transposed upon a hotel room or a door (Di Pero 2013). These images of the sprawling outdoors are rendered confined and intimate -- the image and view of the outdoors is taken inside. Yet simultaneously, by doing so the indoor image is rendered more expansive and sweeping, as the normally cloistered confines of the drawing room are transformed by the imposition of Manhattan. In one black-and-white camera obscura entitled Manhattan View Looking South in Large Room,…

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