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Electronic Health Record System Technology holds a lot of great potential in hospital operations. Nurses have a chance to serve their patients better and carry out other special operations at the hospital by utilizing technology. Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is the latest technology that is used to record and monitor all the hospital records. For the technology to be considered appropriate, a number of factors have to be considered. The following discussion identifies and gives a rationale for the factors considered.

The five qualities of a good EHR system

One quality of the useful technology is the relative advantage of the technology. Here, the adopted technology should be better off than the one already in existence. It will be wise to have a system that serves the role in a better way than the one in place. Secondly, the new system to be adopted is that there should be compatibility with the work. It is important that compatibility be assured so that workers are not going to face any difficulty. The new system should also be simple to use (Bates, 2010). Any challenge will attract resistance from the nurses. Trialability is another quality of a new technology to be adopted. It should be possible to try it before use. Lastly, the adopted system needs to yield observable results that can be measured. This is important in appraising whether the new system to ascertain whether it is worth the implementation (Fickenscher & Bakerman,...


The aim of this meeting will be to establish a point of contact with them as well as seek their views regarding the application of this system. It is also important to hold this meeting with the aim of establishing better contacts with them and perhaps get to know what they want in the new system Gruber, Darragh, Puccia, Kadric & Bruce, 2010). In the consultative meeting, the nurses will be asked to state the strengths, and the weaknesses of the existing system and they have been using for long. This will assist the management to learn the gap in that the system has and need to be filled. The meeting will also help the nurses to air their concerns and present their suggestions regarding the kind of technology that they wanted fixed in place. Secondly, the meeting will also give the nurses to get a glimpse of the new system that is about to be introduced to them. From this, it will be possible to assess the way the newly proposed system is much better or worse off than the existing one (Hyrkas & Harvey, 2010). Managers need to be well versed with the new system so that they can introduce it well to the nurses. This demonstrates the need to have the new system testable. Otherwise, it will not be possible to assess it viability while at the meeting. The nurses also have a unique role to determine the viability of the new system through the establishment of compatibility tests.

The meetings with the nurses will also open doors for them to communicate their fears regarding the adoption of the new system. This will happen since they will all be pooled together and will have an interactive session with the authorities. This chance opens room for the constructive talk that will spell out what is supposed to done to fix and existing problem or at worse conduct an overhaul of the completely failed system. Once such a consultative meeting…

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