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Counter-terrorism is popular as antiterrorism and incorporates techniques, practices, strategies, and tactics that militaries, governments, corporations and police departments adopt in attacking terrorist threats and acts either real or imputed. Both governments and insurgents use terror tactics. It is clear that some insurgents do not terror as tactics while others opt not to apply as other tactics have better outcomes for their particular contexts. Individuals may engage in acts of terror, as it was the case with Oklahoma City bombing (Katherine, Darmer & Rosenbaum, 2004). Where the terrorism acts are part of broader insurgencies, counter-terrorism forms an integral element of security doctrines. However, economic, political, and other measures focus on insurgencies as compared to specific terror acts. The United States uses foreign internal defense doctrine in its military programs to support other nations while attempting to suppress lawlessness, insurgency, or subversion and reduce the severity of conditions of such threats to security.

Counter-terrorism encompasses detection of possible acts and responding to similar events (Nacos, 2012). The anti-terrorism scope for systems is inclusive of long borders, high traffic volumes, and vast area monitoring. The dimensions of counter-terrorism include the degree and type of the terrorism threat coupled with diplomatic and political ramifications as well as legal issues. The environment allows for the development of persistent systems for...


The system brings together various models and technologies in enabling reconnaissance and surveillance missions, persistent intelligence, and potential actions. The design of such system-of-systems is inclusive of major technological projects.

Eleven days after terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Tom Ridge, the Pennsylvania Governor became the Office of Homeland Security Director within White House. The department was responsible for overseeing and coordinating comprehensive national strategies of safeguarding the nation against terrorism while responding to future attacks (Katherine, Darmer & Rosenbaum, 2004). The incorporation of Homeland Security Act in November 2002 by Congress, make formal the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a stand-alone department with cabinet-level status. The systems were responsible for coordinating and unifying national efforts for homeland security from 2003. The homeland security vision is to implement homeland safety, security, and resilience against terrorism and potential hazards (Nacos, 2012). The key concepts in its foundation and development of a national strategy on homeland security include vision towards customs and exchange, security and resilience.

The concepts drove broad activity areas for the Homeland Security Review processes and definition for homeland security missions. The missions have an enterprise-wide consequence was not limited of the Department of Homeland Security. Such objectives and associated goals tell detail of impacts of preventing, protecting, responding and recovering security. The impact of the system ensures resilience and facilitates exchange and customs. Many people from the federal, local,…

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