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It was seen in history that a number of beliefs and the practices Romans adopted were from Greeks. In a nut shell the roman had adopted many of the things from Greeks related to their philosophies, culture, etc. (Ancient history Tran, 2010)


Romans have adopted the art from Greeks. Roman art has a variety of work. Painting, sculpturing and architecture were the famous forms of art.



Romans preferred specificity of individual in their art.

Romans emphasize more on decorating the buildings and development of their state and their government.

They believed that face and expressions can express everything and they prefer to make head called BUST.

They used concrete in their sculptures and other art, following Corinthian order of architecture (Boudreau's & Hankins, 2012).

Example: Their famous temple located in Rome called Pantheon

Greeks were more toward idealistic form of portraits in sculpturing.

Their designs were reflected their spirituality.

Greeks prefer to make whole body sculpture; they have considered half sculpture as incomplete form of art.

They used marbles, Doric and ionic architectural order in their art.

Example: temple of PARTHENON located in ATHENS (Boudreau's & Hankins, 2012).


Romans culture was influenced by Greeks and Etruscan.

It emphasizes the loyalty, practical practices and valuing strengths.

Their culture followed "epic" which is a form of long poem of adventures hero, adopted from Greek.

Example: Aeneid is story of Aeneas -- Trojan founder of Rome

They promoted Engineering and architecture work.

Example: elevator was invented by Romans (The art of Ancient Rome).

Greeks followed the Mycenaean culture.

It was defensive and very much towards feudal side of politics.

Here king and the lords aligned in their rulings.

Through system of taxes king gathered illegal wealth.

Greeks followed ideas through learning (The art of Ancient Rome).

Greeks introduced mathematics, philosophy and astronomy (The art of Ancient Rome).


They import the wheat.

Their economy was slavery-based economy.

They were self-sufficient and produced wheat.

Improper techniques of farmers lead to the production of vine and olive oil.


Rom is Mediterranean country.

It is an inland located on one side of the river Tiber.

Located in the middle of the North -- South plain.

Migration was held in Rome from Po River in North and South.

Greek is also a Mediterranean country.

Greeks cities were separated through hilly countryside and located near water.

The climate is mild winters, sunny summers and hot season.


Romans trend of government was of oligarchy.

Government was divided in to 3…

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