Saudi Arabian Community: Problems And Solutions The Essay

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Saudi Arabian Community: Problems and Solutions

The Saudi Arabian Community: Current Issues and Proposed Solutions

There are many problems affecting the Saudi Arabian community today. The said problems could be political, cultural, economic, or even environmental. This text concerns itself with a problem of an environmental nature. Two of the animals currently under threat of extinction in Saudi Arabia are the Arabian Oryx and the Saudi gazelle. Recently, pictures posted on the internet depicting slayed gazelles caused an outrage with most commentators branding the act irresponsible and intolerable (Toumi, 2013). If nothing is done to save the Arabian Oryx and the Saudi gazelle, the ecosystem could suffer great (and perhaps irreversible) damage.

I personally believe that we all have a role to play as we seek to save these two endangered species. It is for this reason that I have in the past shown great interest in this particular subject. Recently, I was selected to participate in the Saudi Tanzanian Youth Dialogue forum where the theme was Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation....


The forum lasted for a total of 10 days. During this time, I was in charge of a group that penned a bilateral letter to be sent to both the Tanzanian President and the King of Saudi. Under my leadership, the group came up with a number of suggestions that if taken into consideration, could help protect the two species identified herein.

Proposed Solutions

1. Education and Awareness

In the words of Vincent (2008, p. 273), "the major threat to gazelle populations in Saudi Arabia is illegal hunting." It is important to also note that in most cases, those involved in the said hunting are not aware of the damage they occasion to the ecosystem. Both species in this case play an important role in the maintenance of a healthy ecological balance. Locals must therefore be sensitized on the harmful effects of tampering with this delicate ecological balance. This way, they will identify their role in the maintenance of a healthy flora levels.

2. Updating Laws and Legislations

The relevance of tougher anti-poaching laws cannot be overstated. Currently, the penalties in place for those caught engaging in poaching are not strict enough to counter determined poachers. Indeed, some of the laws currently in place have been in existence for decades. No meaningful changes have been made to take into account modern motivations for poaching. In that regard therefore, it…

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