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What are the steps of scientific method? What good is it? Does it prove anything? What's a variable? What a control vs. An experimental factor? What makes a good experiment?

Steps of scientific method:

Ask a question

Do background research

Construct a hypothesis

Test your hypothesis

Analyze your data

f. Communicate your results

The scientific method is good because it allows other scientists to repeat your experiment and all researchers to use the same method of investigation.

A variable is the thing in an experiment which varies from subject to subject.

A control in an experiment is the thing that remains the same. Experimental factors are the factors that are being tested and are changing.

e. Good data and accurate experimentation make a good experiment.

How does evolution explain the diversity of life we see today? What is natural selection and how does it work? What do we mean by adaptations?

Evolution explains the diversity of life we see today because species change over time to adapt to their surroundings and be better able to survive. Natural selection is also called "survival of the fittest." It is the idea that adaptations which better help creatures survive will be utilized and versions of the species without these adaptations will die off. Adaptations are evolutionary changes made by a species to better prepare the creature to survive in an ever-changing world.

3. How are energy flow and nutrient flow different in ecosystems? What's the ultimate source of virtually all energy on our planet?

Energy flow is the flow of energy throughout an ecosystem. Nutrient flow only refers to nutritional data that flows through the ecosystem, such as food. The ultimate source of almost all energy on the planet is the sun.…

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