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Abstract: An original, 150-word, brief description of the study and not a paraphrasing of the body or the research report. Although Scott did present an Abstract outlining his study there was a definite absence in presenting to the reader a professional conviction as to why such a study is needed or beneficial. The closest Scott came to fulfilling this requirement was to state that the aim of reviewing case studies is to prepare future teachers for real life situations. He might have informed the reader that case study research is a practical manner whereby students preparing to enter the educational field of reading disability is to garner information, as well as to evaluate situations that will resemble real life situations that will most likely be encountered.

In other words, learning through example.

Introduction: Contained within the Introduction section of a research report is a review of the literature along with a discussion of the research question. By the end of this section the research investigator will have stated clearly what the research question is, why the study is being conducted, and why the area
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or research has been chosen. All that Scott was able to furnish the reader was a lengthy out of date review of what scaffolding is but without tying it directly to the case studies he was about to review. Most importantly, the Review of Literature presents to the reader content knowledge supporting the current research investigation. What this reviewer found most disturbing is in the fact that Scott laborious goes over the concept of learning through scaffolding but never mentions the word scaffolding anywhere else but in the Review of Literature section. All five case studies reviewed should have, by way of example, delivered to the reader how each individual approached learning through the Vygotsky scaffolding method of learning.

Method: The Method section is a presentation of a justification for the method of study along with techniques used to garner the information (i.e., focus group, historical hierarchy, observations, case studies, etc.). Included also is a description of the site, along with a rationale for the choice of location. This was the only section of the research report that Scott fulfilled adequately. He advised the reader that five case study situations would be presented and reviewed. Unfortunately, however, the use of the pronoun "I" is not appropriate in any research reporting and Scott

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