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Medicinal cuisine is based on seasonal ingredients. Spring, summer, fall and winter have their own specific diets. The concept of seasonal ingredients means that we must be careful to adjust our diet to get the necessary nutrition to survive the season. Seasonal ingredients help strengthen our immune system and prevent and treat the diseases which most often occur during those seasons.

During the spring, the liver can cause the body to exhibit fatigue, eyestrain, headaches, dizziness and drowsiness.

The seasonal food ingredients for the spring are (Korean) wild chive, shepherd's purse, water parsley. And angelica tree sprout.

TCM ingredients for the spring are chuan xiong, dang gui, ju hua, gou qi zi, jie geng, ge gen, bo he, fu pen zi and raisin tree fruit.

In summer, the weather is hot and fruits get ripe. Our body heat is elevated and there is an additional risk of heart problems and sunstroke. Too much sweat can...


Those can bring down the heat and infuse the body with fluids.

TCM ingredients are wu mei, wu wei zi, huang qi, sheng jiang, mai men dong, renshen and chen pi can help to prevent the digestive diseases which are provoked by a hot summer. They also strengthen the body.

In the fall, all the energy diverged and the air gets drier. The respiratory system and skin are most affected. Coughing and phlegm is common. The skin and mucous membrane become dry.

The major ingredients in the fall are ren shen, bei sha shen, jie geng, shan yao, aisan pear, honey, chen pi and ling zhi. They not only strengthen the immune system, but also strengthen the respiratory system to prevent disease.

In winter, people and animals preserve their energy. The winter affects the kidneys and can cause disease in the endocrine and musculoskeletal system. The best ingredients for the winter are lu rong, shan zhu yu, shu di huang, dang gui, du zhong, he show wu, bai shao and wu jia pi. They help blood circulation, and strengthen muscles and bones.

For people who feel fatigue in the winter it is necessary to strengthen their…

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