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The website was designed for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. It is meant to educate the public and any other agencies like them who may have questions regarding their upcoming events their previous and current conference spending, strategic plans, and any select data. The About section is comprehensive and features many links and information on commissioners, laws and regulations, concise directory, SEC offices, and important budget reports, keeping anyone who ventures to the page, well informed. It was last modified 1/16/2015, meaning the admin of the website keeps data relatively continuously updated.

Business communication seems fairly comprehensive and straightforward. They provide all information easily in pdf format. They make sure to include the names and some contact information or office locations to allow for possible meetings and they include budget and other kinds of planning in easily accessible and easily recognizable sections of the website. Everything about the website seems streamlined and easy to follow and access, making potential business opportunities easy to accomplish. Often communication in business must be met through ease of communication and information acquisition. The website accomplishes this, as it will be shown in the press release section.

One additional thing to note is the feedback option. Since it is a government funded and run website, there are options to give feedback. This not only helps users deliver their


The website appears to favor improvement vs. stagnation, as everything appears relatively up-to-date.

The Press Releases section offers an option to view past releases via a link to the archive. "Official announcements highlighting recent actions taken by the SEC and other newsworthy information. To view Press Releases prior to 2012, view the Press Release Archive" (, 2015). Below the Press Releases part on the left hand side there are several sections that further dissect the area of media and other mediums like "public statements, speeches, testimony, spotlight topics, media kit, events, web casts, what's new, special studies, rss feeds, and social media" (, 2015). All the latest press releases are nearly compiled and happen periodically with the range seeming every six days for the month of January 2015. The right hand side features a menu of "Spotlight Topics" showing further ease of navigation.

The media richness of the section shows from the plethora of links and mediums of media. It shows how extensive the website is in terms of information archives and latest events. Topics section provides easy to understand lettering and users who navigate through the topics can get a quick understanding of what the agency discusses. The subjects range from insider trading to Ponzi schemes…

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