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Essentially, securing the electronic frontier is very critical because of the potential harms that cyber crime and fraud cause to individual, businesses and nations as a whole.

One of the effective strategies that could be employed to secure the electronic frontier is the collaboration of the government with the private and public organizations. Increasing number of governments has implemented method to secure the electronic frontier without success. Since corporate organizations are more equipped to counter IT threats than the government, a collaboration of the government with organizations will be more effective.

Moreover, the international organizations such as the United Nations should also play effective roles in securing electronic frontier. The United Nation should make a law to ensure that all member nations are obliged to secure electronic transfer in their respective nations since lack of cross-border treaties for data sharing is creating havoc to corporate organizations. Essentially, some countries such as Russia and China are assisting some organizations to engage in cyber crimes, which are causing harming to corporate organizations. Thus, there is a need to adopt international treaty to govern the cyber conflict.

Some countries are beginning to implement restrictions on cyber traffic and specific IP address. Some countries have even gone to the length of banning electronic communications with foreign countries. Banning and


Effective strategy to combat IT warfare is for the government to assist private and public organizations in their respective countries to prevent potential IT threats.

Hacktivism is the act of carrying out the hacking with a political motive. Pakistani Cyber Warriors are the example of political hacktivists. On the other hand, trespass and unauthorized access are the acts of break into the websites of corporate organizations or government. Spammers or interference on website of other people or organizations is trespass. For example, the court convicted seven Milwaukee teenagers for computer trespassing. Although, they claimed they were playing games.

Thus, it is very critical to employ appropriate measure to secure electronic frontier due to the damages that cyber crimes do to corporate organizations. In 2009, some group of Chinese hackers broke into the computers of 30 corporate companies, which include Yahoo, Google, and stole intellectual properties of these companies. Moreover, the court charged Albert Gonzales and his two co-conspirators for penetrating the networks of several companies and stole more than 130 million credit card numbers. The governments need to increase the public awareness and implement crisis management training to enhance cyber security protection.


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