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¶ … qualify for and be hired as a Production

Technician for the British Petroleum Company on the North

Slope of Alaska. I am highly capable and experienced.

JOB SKILLS/ABILITIES: I have worked on the North Slope / Prudhoe Bay in Alaska

over a ten-year period. I am intimately familiar with the conditions and responsibilities that are part of working in this region. I am certified in the following specific tasks:

RTI -- Radiographer II; PT&MTII -- Penitent & Magnetic

Testing Level II; IRRSP -- Industrial Radiographic Radiation

Safety Personnel; UTI -- Ultrasonic Testing Level II; Class A

CDL; Radiation Safety (40 hours of training); and I am a Certified MANDT.

EXPERIENCE: (2003-2010): Acuren USA (NDE Level II) Performed

Calibrations, inspections; performed manual Radiography,

Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, and Liquid Dye Penetrant

Inspections on piping systems and pressure vessels for British Petroleum, Prudhoe Bay.

(2006-2007) ASRC Energy Services (Pump Operator /

Freeze Protection) Operated chemical injection truck with 250

to 500-gallon tank to protect against freezing; coordinator for field operations crew in hazardous conditions.

(March 2006-September 2006): AES Operations & Maintenance / Well Testing Assistant. Responsibility for logistical and labor support for well work operations (well house, flow line, valve removal, pressure testing, well safe outs and equipment maintenance; practiced in pressurized hydrocarbon and hydrogen sulfide safety...



Level I): Performed calibrations, inspections, maintained safety reports, equipment logs,

LEADERSHIP: a) My communication skills are excellent.

b) I am a proven leader having worked in the most extreme conditions with a diversity of workers from all corners of the earth and have achieved respect from colleagues in all instances.

c) I have shown high ethical and moral direction in some of the toughest work environments in the world.

d) I am a team player and respected as such.

e) From 1998 to 2000 I showed leadership on the job as I

repaired and built…

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