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¶ … Seminar Activities Extend Knowledge Research Capabilities;, Analyze, Synthesize

The motivation for those who sought changes in some of the major universities in America during the period of 1776 to 1862 primarily pertained to modernization. Quite simply, following the conclusion of the Revolutionary War and the formal founding of America (the former of which was partly inspired by the French Revolution and which presaged the Russian Revolution), the pace of the world accelerated and became modernized. Those who wanted to change the individual and collective collegiate educational institutions were attempting to effectively update them. In some instances, doing so required facilitating land for their expansion (USDA, 2015). In others, it was to keep pace with the demands of business and the rapid advances that characterized developments in Europe (O'Hara, 1828).

There was a degree of variation in the characteristics in those that led the efforts for the changes that were desired in American colleges. In many cases, it was the students themselves who wanted to update their university systems. For example, requirements in


In others, it was the federal government attempting to provide land to expand its collegiate system in order to keep pace with what was rapidly evolving into the modern world.

Opposition to some of the changes that were desired in the university system widely came in the form of faculty members (and, perhaps, from alumni). Many faculty members sought to reaffirm the initial reasons for the founding of colleges, which they believed were intrinsically related to the curriculum and the older methods. One can account for such opposition in a couple of different ways. Firstly, tradition will always resonate with those who were a part of it (such as faculty and alumni). Additionally, there are virtues associated with older, rigid methods of doing things that become forsaken when newer, more agile approaches are used.

For the most part, efforts to change the university system in this country and to modernize them succeeded. For instance, most states are widely populated by a number of educational institution -- the results of some of which can be traced to legislation such as the First Morril Act (USDA, 2007) . The remonstrances of students during this time period paid off. The curriculum at most…

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