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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

Components of a healing hospital and their relationship to spirituality

This particular paper will attempt to describe the components of a healing hospital and their relationship to spirituality. In addition, the paper will also cover the challenges faced in creating a healing environment concerning the obstacles and intricacies of the hospital setting. Finally, I will take account of biblical aspects that support the conception of a healing hospital. To start with, the components of a healing hospital consist of compassion, respect, safety, support, trust, and creating and generating positive and constructive outcomes in the lives and health of individuals.

Chapman (2003) states that, a healing hospital can be defined as a notion or conception where an endless and unremitting chain of tender loving care is undertaken throughout the organization or entity with compassion, kind-heartedness and skill from each and every caregiver as well as the leaders to each and every patient in the entity and also to one another. The personnel need to cover the spirit and incorporate kind-heartedness, real love, and self-sacrifice when they are coping with each individual patient in addition to their other


This implies a quiet setting so that the patients are able to sleep peacefully, which in turn facilitates the regeneration of their cells in a faster way and speeds up the whole process of healing (Eberst, 2006).

In order to institute this sort of environment, the hospital may need to undertake a number of material changes if not already in place. Such changes consist of carpeting patient areas and having no overhead paging. This sort of setting brings about an environment that is stress free not only for the patients but also for the personnel. Another component of a healing hospital is nurturing a culture that is of far-reaching loving care and which is deemed the most significant component (Eberst, 2006).

Far-reaching loving care takes place when all of the personnel come together and place a commitment to generating a setting of caring that concentrates on all patients. This attitude incorporates the healing of patients not only taking into consideration their physical needs but also their spiritual and emotional needs as well (Eberst, 2006).

Finally, there is the component of incorporating technology into the healing hospital. It is imperative to come up with ways of providing patients with a safe haven along with privacy. This in turn will allow the patients to have the salvation of their self-esteem during the whole process of hospitalization as this can be quite a stressful period of time (Eberst, 2006).

Challenges of…

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