Settlement of Tobacco During Clinton's Presidency: The Essay

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Settlement of Tobacco During Clinton's Presidency:

The first ever initiative by the United States to safeguard its children from tobacco and long-term addiction to nicotine occurred during the tenure of President Bill Clinton. This was through the announcement by the president regarding a comprehensive program that was geared towards accomplishing this purpose in August 23, 1996. The comprehensive program commenced with the publication of the final rule on tobacco by the Food and Drug Administration. The publication was followed by the administration's launch of a process that required tobacco firms to educate children and adolescents regarding the hazards of smokeless tobacco and cigarettes through a nationwide multi-media campaign.

According to the legislation, tobacco products were sold to people from 18 years and above with those under the age of 27 years required to produce photo IDs as from February 28, 1997 ("Clinton Administration Outlines," 1997). As part of his outline, President Clinton's comprehensive and synchronized plan was for the purpose of lessening tobacco use by children and adolescents by approximately 50% within seven years of its enactment. However, the outline sought to achieve this goal without interfering with the availability of tobacco products for adults. In order to ensure that these goals are achieved and tobacco availability for adults is preserved, President Clinton's tobacco settlement process and program was evaluated within the established framework to examine whether it met the president's objectives.

The process was initiated on the basis that protecting public health, especially children's health was the president's main concern and a fundamental goal of his administration. Furthermore, the program was established because of the fact that approximately 3,000 young people became regular smokers every day. It's estimated that about 1,000 of these young people would die at an early age due to their use of tobacco products and the resulting diseases.

In addition to analyzing the effects of tobacco use on children and adolescents, President Clinton made several recommendations regarding…

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