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¶ … Hate documentary leads one to believe that the only reason why America is still a vibrant and ongoing society is due to the perseverance and courage of all the immigrants that have come to the United States that have overcome the natural white prejudice and bias against them. According to the documentary, the first American settlers were Anglo Saxon Protestants who immediately began to subjugate the native population and then set about ensuring that the only people who would benefit from the country's resources would be individuals who believed in the same manner as they did, or at least pretended to believe in that same manner. The documentary presented all the groups that have been wronged by the first American settlers and their ancestors, and then determined that America was full of hate. The film showed how the entire American society was based on hate, prejudice and bias against any group that was not considered white, anglo-saxon, or protestant. It documented horrendous crimes against the Japanese during World War II, Blacks during the early 20th century, Native Americans, and even wrongly accused and convicted New York Jewish murderers. Race, religion, skin color and gender all were displayed...


In today's modern society there are a myriad of government programs that help to care for individuals in need of assistance. These human service programs provide financial, educational, emotional and employment assistance to anyone in need of such services; and it's not just the government that helps out, there are a large number of non-profit organizations that do so as well. Additionally, for-profit corporations can almost always be counted on to donate dollars and hours to help out in their local communities.

Norris-Tirrell (2014) found that some of the programs offered included violence shelters, job training and employment help, foster and child care centers, prisoner reentry programs, mentally challenged…

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National Organization for Human Services (2015) What is human services? Accessed on April 15, 2015 at

Norris-Tirrell, D.; (2014) The changing role of private, non-profit organizations in the development and delivery of Human Services in the United States, Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, 37(3) p. 304-324

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