Silver Spring Police Department Sealed Capstone Project

Excerpt from Capstone Project :

The COP will be responsible to attend the Police Commission meetings to keep commission members knowledgeable about any issue related to the Department's operations, and to respond to citizens' complaints or concerns. The COP acts on all matters related to disciplinary subjects and endorse awards for model conduct of the Department's sworn and civilian employees. The COP also makes performances to private citizens' community groups, churches, schools, and the business and industrial community to endorse the goals and assignments of the Police Department and to solicit their input in making the City of Silver Springs a safe place in which to live, visit and conduct business.

Bureau of Field Operations

In the performance of their duties, they will be responsible for the following:

1. Officials will act punctually on letters and requests sent by the public (thru e-mail or other means of communication) within five (5) working days for simple transactions and ten (10) working days for compound dealings from receipt thereof. The answer must cover the action taken on the request.

2. They will file their true and whole annual Sworn Statements of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth (SSALN) on or before April 15 of every year.

3. They will also process and finish documents and papers expeditiously within a reasonable time from the planning thereof. The documents must comprise, as far as practicable, not more than three (3) parties. In the absence of duly official signatories, the official next-in-rank or officer-in-charge shall sign for and in their behalf.

4. They will have Attend to anyone who wants to avail himself/herself of the services of their offices and must, at all times, act punctually and expeditiously.

5. In case of transfer or alteration of command/assignment, the transferred/reassigned official/employee will be responsible for making a formal turn-over, inside three (3) days upon acknowledgment of notice of transfer/relocation, of all records of cases, vehicles (including accessories/spare parts), equipment, among others, previously assigned/delivered to him/her to the inward official or employee.

The Memorandum Receipt to be retained by the transferee shall designate the obtainability or non-availability of fittings/spare parts in the equipment or vehicle turned-over. Unsolved loss of these items shall be a basis for investigation/action by the Internal Affairs Division (IAD)

Bureau of Administration

The Bureau of Administration and Services (ADB) is accountable for Under administrative direction, oversees, supervises, and organizes the activities and operations of assigned Divisions inside the Police Department counting dispatch, records, crime analysis, and technology; supervises, arranges, and helps administrative staff with research, studies, council reports, and presentations; coordinates assigned activities with other divisions, departments, and outside agencies; and delivers extremely accountable and multifaceted administrative support to allocated management staff..

The Bureau in the Silver Springs department will also perform its functions through:

Assuming responsibility for allocated services and actions of allotted Divisions within the Police Department comprising dispatch, records, crime analysis, and technology.

Organizes the business, staffing, and operational activities for allocated divisions.

Contributes in the growth and application of goals, purposes, policies, and urgencies; endorses and gears subsequent policies and dealings.

Detects chances for improving service delivery approaches and procedures; recognizes resource needs; analyses with suitable management staff; gears improvements.

Directs, organizes, and reviews the work plan for allocated services and activities; dispenses work actions and projects; screens work flow; appraisals and assesses work merchandises, approaches, and events; meets with staff to classify and decide problems.

Chooses, trains, inspires, and assesses assigned personnel; delivers or organizes staff.

Bureau of Investigation

Our Bureau of Investigation will be comprised of about 158 investigators. We will have 113 District Attorney Investigators. Their law enforcement authority will come from the same segment of the penal code, 830.1, as a deputy sheriff or city police officer. What will be unique about our law enforcement team is that they will all come to us from other law enforcement agencies. Most will already come from our local law enforcement organizations nonetheless we will have more than a few who will have come from state and federal agencies. They will all have completed the simple POST academy and are requisite to meet the continuing training necessities which are set forth by POST.

Once they are hired, many of our District Attorney Investigators will then be assigned to areas that they have really good experience in, for instance pre-trial support, gangs, robbery, narcotics, homicide, and family protection (which comprises domestic/child/elder abuse and child abduction). Alongside with these areas, we will have an increasing amount of investigators who will be working in specialized units such as computer and high tech crime, ecological, real estate, customer, and workers recompense fraud. We also will have investigators that will be dispensed to the parts of public honesty, Mexican Liaison, backgrounds, officer complicated shootings, and internal affairs. We will deliver widespread training and mentoring in order to help our investigators as they changeover into these actual multifaceted, technical and particular investigations.

Community Relations Division

The creation of CRD at Silver Springs will be based upon acknowledgment of the need for joint accepting and constant trading of communications that are between the Department and the public, particularly inside minority communities. Its first goals were amalgamation of the Department's labors to combine and widen community support and to help local station commanding officers in upholding channels of communication with minorities during the course of the City. It was felt that, by appealing minority communities in expressive discourse, police-community difficulties, which donated to social unrest or major hostilities, could be evaded.

Structuring on that early operational philosophy, the CRD in Silver Springs will maintain connection with communities during the course of one of the most ethnically varied cities in the world. Team members from CRD will be the ones who will uphold interaction with community-based administrations, leaders, spokespersons, and other sources to develop and keep open the lines of communication among the Chief of Police and those groups or individuals. It is still obligatory upon CRD to uphold a constant trading of communication with the public in order to screen developing tendencies or pressures and take positive action to avert circumstances that could be harmful to the city, community or the Department. The motivation for CRD to do so is will be to uphold a calm environment citywide and to nurture mutual trust and admiration among the Department and the community. In this method, CRD will be able to get some level of accepting as to the Department's efficiency in carrying out its mission and calculating the "pulse" of the city.

Major Crimes Division

The primary objective of Major Crimes Division will be the prevention of important disturbances of public order in the City of Los Angeles. The Board of Police Commissioners will be the ones to authorize Major Crimes Division to examine persons or groups who strategy, threaten, finance, aid, abet, effort or achieve illegal acts which intimidate public safety. Furthermore, investigators of Major Crimes Division are committed to preventing individuals or groups from annoying or harming others on the foundation of race, religion, national source, or sexual orientation. The captain will be the Commanding Officer of Major Crimes Division. Major Crimes Division wills the ones who rely deeply on members of the public for information concerning possible terrorist action.

Force Investigation Division

Force Investigation Division, (FID), will established as the entity that will be responsible for the managerial investigation of all usages of force meant as "Categorical" in the Consent Decree among the Department and the United States Department of Justice.

Force Investigation Division (FID) will be responsible for the investigation of all occurrences concerning the use of lethal force of an SSPD officer. Furthermore, all use of force subsequent in an injury necessitating hospitalization usually referred to as a Law Enforcement Related Injury (LERI). Investigative responsibility of FID will also involve all deaths while the arrestee or detainee is in the custodial care of the SSPD, accidental and animal shootings and other investigations as directed by the Chief of Detectives.

To be able to accomplish this task, FID is presently prearranged into three investigative units. Furthermore an Administrative Section joining a special projects unit delivers the essential administrative review, mistake and obedience with related projects, investigations and reviews.

Internal Audits and Inspections Division

Audit Division will be established in; pursuant to a duty in the Consent Decree that the Department forms what is to be an audit unit. It will be staffed by simply a handful of sworn and civilian employees; Audit Division will eventually grow over the years into a professional audit shop which will be staffed by over 30 sworn and civilian auditing professionals, counting Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Government Auditing Professionals, and Certified Internal

Audit Division will be responsible for increasing the Department Annual Audit Plan (AAP), organizing and arranging audits anticipated by the AAP, safeguarding the suitable conclusion of audits, and directing audits as directed by…

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