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Singapore Airlines has tough competition for other carriers and also has to accommodate a different set of passengers who are not the rich business class, but the middle class on tours, and the new age entrepreneurs. These sections are demanding and are attracted to extra service and low costs. Marketing to this sector means making the Airlines a household word -- which means that effective advertisements in the media plus some services that can differentiate the Airlines from other companies is the only way not only to retain the current market but also to find new ones. One suggested remedy is to renew and find better advertising media and better advertisement for the target market. The second is to come up with costless novel ideas that the customer finds the company differentiated from others. The last one is to find more destinations and thus more traffic. The new position of a product or service must make the positioning clear.

After analysis of the Singapore Airline's performance and the economic data it is clear that no one set of change can be beneficial but changes must occur simultaneously in the flight patterns, advertising and positioning the Airline as the best consumer brand and making it popular and a household word. There are simple things like diaries, calendars and other small gifts that make the customer remember the airlines when ticket booking is done. To retain customer loyalty and attract more customers, it is important to change the way the customer and the operations of the airline is approached. This is done by modifying the icon 'Singapore Girl' to Singapore Team which include pilots and other staff. Secondly the existing advertisements can be continued with the use of more information being given to tourist operations via websites and other media.


The current advertising has been examined in detail. It has been shown that Singapore Airlines used the iconic advertising slogan "Singapore girl" constant for years to deliver the trustworthiness, Asian hospitality, brand awareness and spread its popularity. The core message of "Singapore Airlines- A Great Way to Fly" from the company has been conveyed through TV commercial, print media, online media to indicate customers the strong brand image of high quality service and safety in excellence. Is that really effective? Does it market to the new generation? May be not. The Singapore girl is no doubt an icon, and it reflects the hospitality of the country. The airline must be able to make more use of this icon. It can be transformed to show that the Singapore Girl is not just a girl, but a tech savvy and information loaded girl who can ensure that you are in competent hands in the flight.

While tourists may visit Singapore among many other attractions, the assurance that the Airlines will be perfect and the journey will be safe -- considering the number of fatal accidents that one sees each day, will assure the customer.…

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