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Skills and Knowledge Area

The ability to research and interpret and then apply various local and federal and State laws as well as ordinances related to Community Programs is an extremely important and demanding skill. One example of the demonstration of this ability is that explained by Thomas R. Suozzi, the County Executive of Nassau, and Lorna B. Goodman, County Attorney of Nassau County, in their Annual Report on their County presented in December 2004. Herein, it is stated that with the support of the people of the county, they have managed to indeed accomplish a great many things, and they then proceed to list out the various activities and accomplishments. The first one is, according to the Report that of managing to bring 'in-house' the remaining part of the more than $10 million of specified legal work that had actually been given to the private bar earlier. The reason for this achievement, they say, is that they had managed to hire a team of lawyers who were extremely committed to the cause of serving the public to the best of their ability, some of these individuals even having foregone their higher salaries and perks in order to serve the County of Nassau.

The second achievement, as mentioned in the Annual Report, is the fact that a formal and safe career plan had been detailed, within which this Office would be able to retain its competitiveness with the several other public sector law offices, and thereby offering the attorneys and lawyers the recognition that they so richly deserved. This also meant that the very reputation of the County Attorney's Office was being better known and better acknowledged, and therefore, able to bring in more and more compliments about the quality of the work being done in that office. The Report states that two important key factors were the contributing elements to these several accomplishments, and the first among the two was the fact that the legal Research Capacity of the attorneys in the office had increased manifold because of the fact that the Library had been improved, and Internet Services were being provided. This naturally meant that the lawyers have access to more information, and therefore, their researching abilities were vastly improved, and this would in turn improve their basic performances as attorneys and lawyers.

The City of Monroe, in its Position Description for the post of 'Grant Writer' in their Department of Finance, has described the various skills that a grant writer must possess, like for example, he must not only have a good knowledge of the writing of the applications for the grants, but also an inherent knowledge about grant processing. He must also be able to work under extreme pressure, and if he had the required communication and written skills, which he would use to apply to various community programs, then he would be best suited for the post because of his abilities and skills.


Loan making and other services related to loans requires specialized qualifications, so that the innate knowledge and skills involved, such as about the credit risk factors, and about the various lending principles, would be used fully. Not only must the applicant be well versed in general knowledge, but he must also be able to apply this knowledge to the basic understanding and comprehension of the various business systems. He must also possess the skills that are required to work towards an excellent management of the processes involved, and be aware of financial management, and organization, and possess the ability to analyze financial statements. When he has this knowledge and possesses some of these skills, then he would be able to analyze the financial condition of a particular organization, so that he may be able to judge for himself whether or not the business that has applied for the loan would actually be able to repay the loan. He would also be able to eventually advise on the various financial aspects of the business that is asking for the loan. He would also be able to frequently review the status of the loan, and focus on the borrower's business in such a way that he would be able to resolve the various problems that may arise either during the administration of the current loan, or during the management of a delinquent loan, or during the eventual liquidation of a particular loan.

A person who feels that he would be able to meet all the specifications and requirements as detailed above, would be able to apply for the post of an 'Area Specialist' within any Department of the U.S. Government, so that his various skills of loan making, loan servicing, loan granting, and loan guaranteeing would be used for the maximum benefit. In short, he would be an individual who would conduct credit supervision so that the government would be safe from loan defaulters and credit frauds.


Servicing loans and guarantees, however, need a set of other specialized skills, like a thorough knowledge of supervisory budgetary principles and tactics, and a familiarity with all the various principles and practices and procedures that are related to the planning and developmental processes of the City. He must possess the basic skills needed to prepare clear and concise reports on the issues concerned so that the reader may be able to evaluate and assess and then base his opinions on those reports. He must be aware of the various techniques that are needed to deal with different people from different backgrounds in a way that would be bets, and also be well versed in the practice of researching planning the various issues, and then evaluating all the alternatives that would present themselves, and also be able to make the necessary well informed and sound recommendations to the management in such a way that he would be able o present accurate staff reports to them, upon which the major decisions would be made.

To deal with issues of housing loans and guarantees, one would also needs a specialist who would be able to deal with service loans in the bets way possible. Not only would the specialist be expected to review these loans, but he would also have to analyze and then recommend which particular loan would be acceptable, and which would not be. For example, in the year 2002, the Congress wanted to expand the broadband access in rural markets, and for this reason, the Congress allocated $1.4 billons to the 'Rural Broadband Access Loans and Loan Guarantees program', and the innate purpose of the Program was to provide loans that would facilitate the construction of the services needed for broadband access in these rural areas. Anyone, or rather, any company, can apply for these loans, provided they are able to come up with the guarantee that they would provide broadband access to certain specified areas and to certain specified numbers of persons within specific areas.

In a similar manner, a consortium of health care and educational programs has stated that it would pledge about $55 millions for the purpose of supporting and backing high-impact businesses in the area of the New River Valley. Assistance would be provided for those companies interested in investing in this scheme, and some of them are Assistance Funds or Loan Guaranty Programs. A person who is skilled in analyzing these loans and making recommendations would be of immense help in such cases, because he would peruse the application, and then he would analyze and then recommend whether or not the loan may be granted, and this would decide whether or not the servicing loan and guarantee may be accepted.


When an individual is skilled enough to be able to make recommendations about loans and bank guarantees to the management, then he must also be excellent in oral as well as in written communication skills. This means that he must possess the necessary specialized skills inexperience, as well as in his ability to perform the duties that his position requires, like for example, skills that can be adjudged to being at a level that is not lesser than the next lower grade in the average line of progression. In other words, he may have gained experience from reviewing and from passing applications for loans and also from servicing a bank portfolio, by having performed a financial analysis of any commercial business for investment purposes.

It can therefore be stated that the three important skills needed for any job, are 'KSA's', or in other words, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. While Knowledge means that body of information possessed by an individual, which may be either factual or procedural, that the applicant may have, and which would help him in his innate capability of performing his duties in a job to the best of his ability, Skill refers to that proficiency, either verbal or written, that the applicant may possess, with which he would be able to efficiently and effectively manipulate data or the performances of other things within the course of…

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