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Skills Inventory

The nurse manager skills inventory celebrates and encourages reflective practice in nursing. Organized according to specific skill areas, the inventory reveals strengths and weaknesses that can help the nurse manager improve his or her performance in real and measurable ways. Reflective practice is a valuable tenet of professionalism in nursing, allowing for honest self-reflection and constructive change. Reflective practice also allows nurses like me to focus on personal and professional goals and structure an implementation plan to reaching those goals. The personal goal for leadership growth I would like to focus on is specifically in the area of presentation delivery and public speaking. First, I will provide a reflective outline of the results of the nurse manager skills inventory in four key areas, followed by a brief discussion of how to apply my current leadership skill set to advocate for change in my workplace. As Wrubel et al. (2004) states, "people should spend more time celebrating their valuable contributions to the workplace and…work towards developing those strengths to become even better professionals," (Wrubel, et al., 2004, p. 42).

Personal and Professional Accountability

The core dimensions of accountability include


In each of these areas, I have proven myself to be a strong leader. I have been involved with several professional associations, and attend workshops and conferences regularly. My certifications are all up-to-date, and I am working on more certifications to expand my knowledge base. Moreover, I believe myself to act in ethical manners in my engagements with patients as well as colleagues. Therefore, my overall personal growth and development status is good. There is one central point of weakness in this area, which is linked to my grand vision of becoming a better public speaker. Although I have a high degree of personal and professional accountability in the sense of maintaining my commitment to professional growth, I have yet to realize fully my leadership potential. The next step is to become an influencer, by learning how to deliver persuasive speeches that create change in the nursing world.

Career Planning

Until recently, my career path has been relatively straightforward in the area of nursing. As the AACN/AONE skills inventory suggests, knowing my role in the institution, knowing my future, and positioning myself are the three most important factors of career planning for nurses. I have been well aware of my role, which is why I am currently envisioning a change to that role so that I can become more of a leader in the future. I intend to position myself as a nurse leader of the future, who can spearhead public health initiatives and public policy changes that have measurable impacts on patient outcomes.

Personal Journey Disciplines…

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