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My survey about smartphone usage indicates a number of different things. The survey was conducted among students at university and reported this delivered a spread among the ages of recipients. A few things stand out from the survey with respect to usage. Nine out of ten respondents have an iPhone, 8 of those being iPhone 6. This corresponds with relatively heavy usage -- heavy users want the most modern phones. Not surprisingly, the perception of Apple phones is the highest among all users, with Samsung a close second. Other brands had mixed perceptions, with Huawei and Motorola experiencing particularly poor perceptions.

Among the many potential uses for smartphones, games are the most popular by far. Other applications are closer in their usage, with phone being the least popular usage. Web browsing is the second least-popular usage for smartphones. Heavy smartphone users generally admit that they are dependent on their phones, even when they use them for a variety of purposes. Those...


There may also be evidence that those who use their phones less are more likely to have an older smartphone (the iPhone 5s and Galaxy 5S). No users reported having a low end phone, even if some reported that there were above average brands other than Apple -- there is a strong preference among heavy users for phones that they feel are the best.

Summary of Questions Used

There were eight questions that were used in this survey. The first question was about the age of the respondents. In a larger survey, this question would have yielded numbers that would allow us to learn if there are differences in smartphone usage trends and perceptions among different age groups.

The second question was about how many hours per day you use your smartphone, followed by question 3 What brand of smartphone to do you have? The other questions are as follows:

4. How long have you had your current phone?

5. Arrange the following applications in terms of how much you use them

6. Respond to the following that most reflects your feelings

I use my smartphone too much

7. I feel lost and confused without my phone

And finally,

8. Based on your experiences and…

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