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¶ … lifetime, human society has seen the emergence of mobile communication technology, in particular the smartphone. This new communications tool has changed the ways that we communicate with each other, for both better and worse. Smartphones not only allow us to have telephone communications when mobile, but they have given rise to the mainstream use of mobile data. This means not only Internet, but things like text messaging have become even more commonplace than they were before.

Many Americans believe that mobile technology has changed the way that they communicate. First, many people report that they communicate more with their friends and family because mobile technology allows them to be in communication all of the time, a significant difference from the days of the hardwire telephone line (Jones, 2014). Increased communication with family and friends has in some cases strengthened bonds. For example, data plans that work...


They make driving more difficult, because they are a distraction, but they also make taking public transportation easier because route maps and schedules are available at your fingertips, and the GPS in smartphones means that you can walk anywhere without getting lost.

Jones (2014) notes that many people report working more away from the office. The constant link that technology provides us has been exploited by our managers and the companies that we work for to act as an electronic tether. Some 68% of Americans believe that they have been asked to do more work outside of regular working hours since the advent of mobile communications -- checking work emails, receiving texts from their boss, and being expected to take work home in the evening.

Yet, there are advantages as well. For example, smartphones are increasingly being used in clinical medicine. Health care practitioners can transmit information more quickly, getting results back from labs more quickly, and being more in contact with patients (Wu, 2010). In fact, given the size of most medical facilities, it is not uncommon for people who work in these facilities…

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