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NFC is going to revolutionize the smartphone as an e-commerce platform.


The proliferation of smartphones continues to lead to exceptional growth of application development across all platforms, with Android being the clear leader in the last six months of development. The decision to make the platform and source code both open have contributed to Google quickly overtaking Apple and their iPhone OS operating system in terms of market share. It has also need to more phones and devices supporting Android than any other operating system today. The growing competitive threat to the Apple iPad is also attributable to the Android operating system gaining critical mass in this segment of the market as well. Finally, the collaboration applications on smartphones continue to redefine how businesses use these from an enterprise standpoint. Sales force automation, CRM, and customer service have all been made more efficient due to smartphone applications. The dominance of the NFC standard in the development of mobile payment systems, including the innovative approach is using, illustrate how the rapid pace of


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