Smoking in the Context of the Autonomic Nervous System Essay

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Smoking and the Autonomic Nervous

There is much controversy with regard to smoking in the contemporary society, as the practice is widely promoted and accepted in spite of the fact that the masses are well acquainted with the negative effects it can have on the body. In individuals who smoke on a regular basis, the activity lowers baseline stages of nerve activities in the vagal-cardiac areas and has a restructuring effect on arterial baroreceptor-cardiac reflex reactions. The fact that smoking is responsible for a series of autonomic changes is very probable to have a strong effect on how smokers experience acute arterial pressure.

The nervous system functions abnormally as a consequence of people smoking and putting an end to this habit is likely to have a positive effect on it. Actions such as pupil dilatation and heart contraction can be negatively affected as a consequence of a person smoking. The autonomic…

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