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We are all human beings who make some stupid choices in our lives. Some non-smokers have other bad habits like a poor diet whereas some smokers might eat well. Many non-smokers get addicted to other substances like alcohol or drugs. Smokers and non-smokers both occasionally use drugs like caffeine and therefore just because someone doesn't smoke doesn't mean they are totally pure. Both smokers and non-smokers want to enjoy life and even though smokers know their habit is not healthy, both smokers and non-smokers want to avoid getting sick. Many if not most smokers believe that smoking-related diseases happen to other people; and therefore they feel invincible. Ironically some smokers remain disease-free whereas some non-smokers get lung cancer. Regarding the law, both smokers and non-smokers value personal freedoms in general and many non-smokers do not support strict anti-smoking laws. Anti-smoking laws are sometimes bad for local businesses like bars, which have a high number of clientele who smoke.

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