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Social Psychology Concept Matrix

Social Psychology Concept

Application to Society

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Criminal Justice

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Application to the Individual

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The researcher selects a certain number of people from the population that he/she wants to study and presents them with a list of questions on the topic asking them to respond in order to elicit their opinion.

The survey can be conducted in writing, over the phone, as face-to-face interview, or in a small-group oral format

The survey can be used to, for instance, discover the expectations that citizens wish from their new president.

The citizens of the country can be polled and asked what they wish the president to accomplish for them / their country in the new term. Results can tell the government what the citizens most wish to be implemented in their country.

Tjaden and Thoennes (2000) surveyed men and women to find their comparable experience with violence. Apparently more men than women (66.4% to 55.6%) had been physically assaulted as a child. Stalking was more prevalent than previously thought with women being 5 times more likely to be stalked than men. American Indian and Alaska Native women and men experienced more violence than did individuals of other ethnicities. Women experienced more intimate partner violence than...
...The application of the survey to criminal justice was helpful in that it showed that more attention should be given to preventing violence against women in the U.S.A.

An individual may wish to decide which college he/s he should attend. He may, therefore, decide to randomly survey a few people, and interview them either face-to-face, over the phone, or via written questions. He would ask them questions that most concern him regarding selecting a college. He would then choose the college based on the response.


The person's overall evaluation or attitude of himself. How much we respect, or esteem, the self.

A society, too, can have self-esteem in the way that it dignifies, or does not, dignify itself. For instance, some societies may lack self-esteem because they are abused (e.g. slaved or colonialized by others). Some see Africa as lacking esteem due to its experiences with poverty, war, and natural disaster.

One criminal theory states that criminals become so due to social labeling that derogates them and fixes them into a cycle of low self-esteem.

In fact, Pilsbury (1998) examined self-esteem in three groups of 25 adults with and without a criminal history by having they complete the Self-Esteem Inventory. Results showed people with three…

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Hindsight Bias

This is as also known as the knew-it-all-along effect or creeping determinism. It refers to the situation where the individual is inclined to see events that occurred as events that were predictable all along. This may result in memory distortion where a person's memory of the past is slanted by after-effects

Hindsight bias can interfere with the judicial system in that judges and jurors presented with the case a given often judge defendants as being capable of preventing the bad outcome (Starr & McCormick, 2001). This may be erroneous since many times defendant may not have known the outcome. This also extends tot the plaintiff, where, sometimes, jurors may determine that, based on the outcome, the plaintiff should have been more aware of the

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