Sociological Analysis: Semper Fi: Always Faithful Article Review

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Semper Fi: Always Faithful

How is the community defined in this case? How does the culture of the community contribute to the development of the situation?

The military tends to be a highly insular culture that is resistant to criticism by outsiders. This is particularly true of elite units such as the Marines. Although the Marines view themselves as fighting for America's freedoms, they also see themselves as possessing unique attributes as a core that must be protected because others from the outside do not understand their work ethic. This is depicted as having a critical role in the cover-up of the water contamination over the course of the documentary. The focus is not on doing what is right but upon protecting the reputation of the Marines.

Q2. Name 3 strengths and 3 barriers of the culture of this community.

Of course, even though in the film it is portrayed as a serious weakness, there are certain strengths to this attitude of the Marines. Having the


Members of the community are literally willing to give up their lives for their unit and for the cause they are fighting for. As can be seen in the character of Jerry, the attitude of the Marines fosters a mentality of bravery and self-sacrifice far beyond that of an ordinary person not indoctrinated into its work ethic.

However, communities such as the Marines are also extremely reluctant to take criticism from outsiders. Much as people speak about the blue wall of silence that characterizes police officers, there is a similar attitude amongst Marines when it comes to criticizing any actions of the organization, no matter how negative. Members are also very reluctant to verbalize any criticism of superior officers, no matter how justified it might be. This made investigating the water contamination outlined in the film particularly challenging. A refusal to speak is particularly characteristic in regards to matters of health, given the desire of many Marines to seem impervious to any type of physical pain. This could have contributed to the lack of reporting of the early incidences of the cancer affected the community: the Marines were unwilling to be more outspoken about their health conditions. A final problem is hostility to the media in particular which could have brought the contamination to light far sooner, had it affected another community.…

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Semper Fi: Always Faithful. Directed by Tony Hardmon and Rachel Libert, 2011.

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