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Problem Identification

Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer and producer of game, electronics and entertainment products. For several decades, the company has dominated the market of the electronic sector. However, in the last few years, Sony has recorded a net loss for four consecutive years. In 2010, the company recorded a net loss of 40.8 billion Japanese Yen equivalent of U.S.$347 Million. In 2011, the company also recorded a net loss of 259.5 billion Japanese Yen, which equivalent to $2.2 Billion. In 2012, the company recorded $3.8 billion net loss. In 2014, Sony secures a net loss of equivalent of $1.1 billion. (Sony Corporation, 2014). Sony has been facing both internal and external challenges. Typically, the company has faced a stiff competition from other online game companies. Moreover, the appreciation of Japanese Yen over other major currencies adversely affects the ability of consumer to purchase Sony product from outside Japan leading to overall decline of consumer demand for the Sony product. In essence, Sony has been facing challenges to retain market shares with increasing competitions on its product globally.

Moreover, Sony management is still conservative and unwilling to implement substantial changes that can improve the company market viability despite consecutive yearly losses recorded by the company. The company rarely implements a merger and acquisition and by consequence, Sony stock's price dropped drastically in 2011 by more than half making investors to lose confidence in the Sony stocks.

Objective of this paper is to carry out the strategic analysis of the Sony Corporation. The report uses the Porter Five and SWOT analysis to carry out the strategic analysis.

Sony Strategy Analysis

Internal Rivalry

Sony operates across different sectors and the company main segments include Game, Electronics, Financial Services, and Pictures. Over the...


The company major competitors include Apple Inc., Samsung, Microsoft, LG Electronics and Canon. Typically, Television is one of key components of the Sony products; however, the company has faced intense competition from other electronic company such as LG and Samsung, which are producing the similar products. (Porter, 1980).

Another problem of Sony is that the company targets mainly high price customer. For example, the Sony PlayStation is very attractive to many consumers however; its price is too high. Sony also lacks a consumer brand loyalty compared to other companies such Apple and LG because of the high price of its product.


The threats to entry into the industry are relative low because of the product differentiation, economies of scales, technological innovation and capital requirements involved. Sony has been able to develop economies of scale for its product, which new potential entrants might face challenging to achieve. Moreover, entrant into the industry requires a high level of technological skill, government regulation and patent protection, which are the barrier to entry for potential electronic producers.

Complements and Substitutes

Sony strategy is by differentiating its product and targeting high-end customer. Moreover, Sony uses superior technology and unique designs to differentiate its product, however, the company products still have so many complements and substitutes. Some of these substitutes are being offered at low prices, and increase in the price of Sony products is making many consumers switching to the substitutes. The increase in the price of Sony product is making the company to lose its brand loyalty compared to the Apple Inc. that is enjoying brand loyalty.

Supplier Power

Power of supply is low because Sony sources for materials from different suppliers around the world. Sony's bargaining powers with its suppliers are very high making the company…

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