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Soul Theory of Personal Identity

I've always ascribed to the soul theory of personal identity. This theory essentially stipulates that as we move through time we do so consistently as long as we continue to have the same soul. In structure this theory, some might argue, is comparable to the body theory. The underlying principles are the same. The soul theory states that as one has the same soul, one is essentially the same person. Some argue that this is the comparable to the self as psychic continuity and the memory theory. The memory theory argues that we continue on through time as we have memories of our past lives, some of which can overlap. Essentially, one can argue that as the human soul, which does not change, travels through time, and the self has all of these different lives and experiences, the soul does remember the lessons learned life after life. The soul is able to make and to collect memories.

The soul theory asserts that the soul can survive the place. How can we know what a soul is, much less know when one soul is the same as another soul?'( According to this theory, the foundation for one's memories and desires is the human soul -- which is the basis for one's entire personality. Thus, even superficially, if there are changes made to the human being, the basic values which underscore the human being remain unchanged: according to this theory it keeps the same person over time.

In some religions this is how they explain child prodigies. If a child is born with unexplained, genius-like musical abilities, then this is often explained by the soul theory and reincarnation. Certain religions like Buddhism believe that…

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