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Spanish and Project Management for Healthcare Classes

Project Management

The project should proceed by requiring everyone on the team to commit more time and effort. While at the same time, the marketing team should have greater amounts of flexibility. According to Munns (1996), this means that managers must focus on a number of different areas in conjunction with each other. The most notable include: better planning, controlling the time, costs and effectively allocating resources where they are needed the most. The culture and ethics will add pressure with the different departments have contrasting objectives and wanting more from everyone in the process. To deal with the challenges, he recommends that managers work with the various sides and ask for some kind of sacrifice from them. This will help to bring the project back on track and it ensures that everything is working smoothly. (Munns, 1996) (Kloppenberg, 2015)

Moreover, Beringer (2013) determined that the levels of intensity engagement will have a direct correlation between stakeholders. This means that timetables and costs are important to a certain extent. However, the attitudes and beliefs that are embraced by managers will have a direct result on the outcome of the project. To deal with these kinds of challenges, it is imperative for managers to take a different approach when working with the various departments and individuals within them. This requires having a sense of charisma and strong communication between them. In this case, the culture and ethics of each department will have a direct impact on the outcome of the project. To be successful requires bringing everyone together to achieve common objectives. Various theories such as those by Deming (2000) are illustrating how this is the best way to manage the project and encourage creativity. When this happens, the organization will become more flexible and can quickly adjust to a host of challenges they are facing. (Deming, 2000) (Kloppenberg, 2015)


The person is a close friend who is a female named Cindy. She is 45 years old and has a degree in psychology. However, she suffers from an eating disorder and continually talks about everyone. This makes her unpopular. She is of Spanish decent and her only hobby is reading and watching science fiction TV shows / movies. Sometimes she will ride her bike and tries to fool people into thinking she is living healthy. The problem with this is that her sedentary…

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