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Sport Promotion Mix

Kotler's promotion mix consists of advertising, publicity, personal contact, incentives, and atmospherics as well as licensing, sponsorship, and community relations to represent the contemporary sport promotion mix (Irwin, 2008). The New York Yankees the contemporary promotion mix. They have advertising of ticket sales, news articles and videos as publicity, blogs for personal contact with fans, discounts on tickets as incentives, and atmospherics with a showcase of bleachers, licensing with team logo items, sponsorships with corporations, and community relations with donations and fund drives.

Advertising is done for ticket sales (Home Page) and team logo items (New York Yankees), such as t-shirts, hats, etc. The advertised items serve two fold in the promotion mix. Ticket sales contain incentives in 12-game and group packages that offer discounts to consumers. The team logo items are advertised for sale, but also contain the licensing of the team logo. The team logo also falls under copyright law that protects them from being used by others. Advertising the team store to purchase logo items also falls under sponsorship because it is advertised on Fox Sports website.

The team gains publicity in the way of news articles concerning games and players, videos of games and interviews with owners, and season rankings (New York Yankees, 2013). The news, videos, and season rankings bring attention to the team through ESPN. To the consumer, it would also bring a greater degree of truthfulness coming from a team outsider, such as ESPN. The publicity through these avenues put the team in the spotlight with the consumer who would otherwise not be interested in the advertisements of the team.

The team also has incorporated their own publications of the Yankee Magazine, Yearbook, and the Official Media Guide (Yankee Publications, 2013). The publications bring publicity through features, facts, action photos, stats, reviews, previews, and biographies of team players, as well as the club history. Even though they are revenue driven, they provide a great deal of publicity when consumers read them.

Blogs placed on Fox Sports website creates personal contact where fans can interact with each other and officials of the team (New York Yankees). The blogs are relationship…

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