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"Women and Athletic Fund Raising: Exploring the Connection Between Gender and Giving," by Staurowsky (1996) reports the findings of a study on the demographic profiles of male and female college sports team donors, as well as donor motivation factors. The findings suggest that females donors are younger than male donors, contribute less, are more likely to donate to women's programs, and are motivated to donate by "success" and philanthrophic factors.


Staurowsky first provides reasoning for fund-raising research. She states that marketing concerns are the primary impetus for research on fund raising. Fund raising research is valuable to the marketing field because findings can be used to determine a certain demographic that is more likely to donate than another demographic. In other words, those that run fund raisers can better target those that are more likely to give, resulting in a decreased loss of time, money, and resources. However, despite the function and accessibility of fund raising research, Staurowsky reports, "the prevailing approaches to [fund raising] used by practitioners have been characterized as unsystematic and lacking in substance."

Staurowsky goes on the explain that historically, women have been overlooked by fund raisers as a serious target demographic. Fund raisers have also expected less financial commitment from women. Staurowsky points out that there have…

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Staurowsky, Ellen J. (1996). Women and Athletic Fund Raising: Exploring the Connection

Between Gender and Giving. Journal of Sport Management,10, 401-416.

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