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Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre

MSLC Report

The Moortown Sports and Leisure Centre (MSLC) has many challenges and obstacles to overcome to better serve the community in which it operates. In order for the organization to meet the needs of the local population, both now and into the future, MSLC will have to redesign and improve many of its operational processes to make more efficient and effective use of its current capabilities. The current facilities have unable to accommodate the local demand for their use however with a more efficient system of booking and facilities transfer the organization could meet more of the local demand. It is recommended that the organization build an IT system that can help manage scheduling of the facilities. This would effectively increase the capacity of the facilities through better management and communication.


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The MSLC provides a valuable opportunity for the community to participate in sports, leisure, and recreation. Recently the organization has conducted research to identify how well it is meeting the needs of the local community and find opportunities in which it can provide better services to the residents of Moortown. The research interviewed many of the organizations stakeholders...


The research was conducted by the Workplace Solutions Agency and the results of the research reveal many potential areas of improvement for the MSLC. This analysis will build off of this research by analyzing two of the key performance indicators that received poor performance appraisals in the research.


The research indicates that the facilities that the organization has are too small to meet the community demand. Furthermore, only two percent of the local community actual uses the centre. Thus the capacity of the MSLC is the limiting factor to the organizations performance. However, there are many factors that can constitute the overall level of capacity that the centre actually has. For example, the MSLC has peak times that are often full to capacity while during non-peak times there is less than a quarter of the capacity being used at any given time. Thus if the organization could move some of the peak demand to off-peak scheduling then this could increase the overall capacity. One idea might be to increase the costs to the community for space during the peak times while offering non-peak reservations at a significant discount. This might be able to change the demand times for the facilities and effectively create more capacity.

Another aspect to the total capacity that should be considered is the allocation of the space that the MSLC has. For example, there may be opportunities for different clubs to share the same space during peak times which would also create more capacity. If the basketball club…

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